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It’s like a “mashup generator”, but you have full control and can tweak every single part. Do you think these tools have made you a better worker? Let us know in the comments! Tyler is a freelance writer based out of Orlando, Florida. He loves traveling and video games and when he’s not doing one or the other, you can probably find him watching a cooking show. Republish this article for free in your blog or newsletter, or for a fee to include a hyperlink to this article on your site.Q: Javascript image class output I am having a difficult time figuring out the logic of this particular bit of JS. I want to be able to do this: ...and have the output be the the images: Is there some sort of loop that I can use to loop through all the classes and then spit out the next-named image? A: Try this: var classes = new Array("gallery","gallery2","gallery3","gallery4"); var i = 0; for(;i"+classes[i]+""); } you can substitute the document.write with any other way you want to add the images EDIT: The real answer to your question, though, is to use and let the browser handle the creation of the img tag. If you use the above, you're just creating the tags for yourself, which isn't exactly what you want. Doing it the browser's way allows the browser to add the class names in the tag automatically. Q: How to send RMI object to remote server using Java




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Quete D Ewilan To.epub Latest
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